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5 Reasons Global Startup Weekend is The Push You Need to Launch

November 2, 2018 - November 4, 2018


Global Startup Weekend is known to shape the lives of the people who attend. It’s a springboard to stop guessing if you could start something and actually launch something (a new business, career, startup or establish lasting relationships).

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why:

Reason #5: A Dragons’ Den Judge, Profitable Entrepreneurs, Startup Coaches and Mentors at Your Fingertips

Let’s start off with what you want to know.

Who will be in the room?

At this year’s Global Startup Weekend, we have one of CBC’s own Dragons’ Den judges headlining. Nicole Verkindt, she founded OMX (Offset Market Exchange) and invented a software solution that matches up the biggest aerospace players with Canadian technology partners.

Alongside Nicole at this Startup Peel hosted event, you get face-time with Business Development Managers from the City of Brampton, Financial Service Executives and Startup Advisors will be on hand to motivate you across the finish line.

Reason #4: You Don’t Need a Product to Attend, You Only Need an Idea

One of the hardest parts of any entrepreneur’s journey is the “What next?” question. Okay, I have an idea…what next?. Okay, I need a developer…what next?. Okay, I don’t have capital..what next?.

We’re constantly unsure if we’re taking the right step or what’s next.

The entire Startup Weekend, you have the opportunity to pitch your wildest idea to our judges, industry leaders and local entrepreneurs and receive valuable feedback and next steps because they’ve been right where you are. They get it.

Whether you are looking for a co-founder, specific skill sets, or a team to help you execute, Global Startup Weekend is set-up to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own startup. Your pitch can land you a chance at over $10,000 in prizes and…AND the winner from this event will go on to compete against winners from around the world!

However, the true prize is not about winning the pitch, it’s about the experience that will last you forever and a lifetime.

Reason #3: A Circle of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs to Tap into Whenever

This may be the best part of the whole experience and you don’t realize it until it’s over.

Imagine being in the room with people who share the same passion, dreams and aspirations as you do? Imagine not having to explain why you want to create an app or if your idea is bat-spit-crazy. Instead, their response is “You know what? Let’s just do this!”

You wouldn’t have to explain the vision in detail to like-minds who nod in excitement at a hello. The energy will be buzzing and everyone is just giddy to be in the room. You become a part of a global tribe of entrepreneurial minds.

Not to mention, it’s super fun to get creative while food and coffee are at hand.

Reason #2: It’s like Graduating with an MBA in 54 hrs.

Think about the ground-level knowledge and real-startup experience all in one place that you can implement immediately.

Startup Peel made it possible to meet marketers, engineers, developers, business managers to name a few without you having to chase them down on LinkedIn. You will learn a ton from everyone there. You will get customer feedback on sight.  And more than anything, you learn from doing, which is the best way to gain the skills required to scale your startup.

Frankly, the things you learn here can’t be taught in school. This is ultimately a crash course on how to start a business.

Reason #1: *drum roll please* Bragging Rights aka Your Very Own Startup

It’s not for nothing, you build something real —in less time it takes for Amazon to ship your package when you’re not a Prime Member.

This Global Startup Weekend is the best way to challenge yourself to shift from a wantrepreneur to entrepreneur. In only 54hrs you can execute your business idea, build a team, create a company, launch a website, find clients and even secure funding.

You can walk away being the boss.

Go And Register Now: startuppeel.ca/sw


Tennile Cooper
Communications Director at sheisepic.com
On the Organizing Team at Global Startup Weekend 2018


November 2, 2018
November 4, 2018


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Brampton, Ontario L6Y 4R2 Canada
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