Startup Community Peel is a grassroots driven movement in Southern Ontario bringing together people passionate about collaboration, innovation, and learning. Our mission is to empower all through a community support model in both success and failures as we create fantastic new companies in Canada. We are made up of entrepreneurs, technologist, designers and intrapreneurs who work for other organizations. Organizations, mentors and SMEs are also a big part of the support of this community.

About us

Startup Peel is a place for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to gather, learn from each other and get access to invaluable resources, and programming. We are entrepreneur-led and committed to the long-term success and sustainability of our community. Starting up is hard and we all succeed by working together. 

Meet Our Team

Melloney Campbell – Founder

Mark Campbell – Data Driven Marketing Specialist

Tennile Cooper

What we do!

Promoting our community

There’s a lot of amazing things happening in Canada’s startup ecosystem; as Startup Peel grows, we will be working to increase the visibility and profile of our community, startups, events and resources. 

Community Enterprise Partnership

Our entrepreneur leaders and stakeholder organizations will convene on a regular basis to ensure everyone has a voice.

Social Entrepreneurship & Open Data

Join social entrepreneurs, innovators, intrapreneurs, designers, freelancers, technologist and artists from across Canada to collectively create positive impact for our community and the world. 

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